Saddle STARS

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Cowboy Matt showing students how to rope a steer!

Cowboy Matt showing students what a cowboy wears and why they need it.

Kachina visiting students.

A student working on a bandana. 

Volunteers are getting ready for the Saddle STAR Students to arrive!

Students have work books and crafts to do.

Students get to help groom Stikla.

Students help to clean the stalls.

Students enjoy their one-on-one time with one of TEC's horses.


It's more than just a game!

Saddle STARS class- 11/17/2011

A touch can mean so much!

Everyone helps to make sure the job gets done.

There are a lot of smiles when Saddle STARS are at TEC!

Now that's how you reach the top of a Christmas tree!

Saddle STARS Class- 12-15-11