Mission Statement

The Therapeutic Equestrian Center engages the power of horses to challenge people with special needs to build stronger bodies, minds, and spirits.

Vision Statement

  • To make a positive difference in the quality of life of our riders and those who serve them.
  • To promote community awareness, involvement, and support.
  • To accomplish TEC’s Core Values by:
    1. Providing a healing environment for individuals with special needs.
    2. Supporting a humane partnership with our equine counterparts.
    3. Achieving the highest standard in safety for our students, volunteers, staff, and horses.
    4. Encouraging development of independence in our participants.
    5. Providing goal-oriented, equine-assisted activities to include educational, physical, recreational, and mental health goals.
    6. Promoting opportunities for continuing education and development of staff, volunteers, and students.
    7. Providing accessible, affordable lessons.
    8. Operating a fiscally sound nonprofit organization.