Volunteer Opportunities at TEC

Contact Autumn Zick at azicktec@gmail.com or (269) 429-0671 if you are interested in any of these positions.

riting for the TEC Connections Newsletter and Other Press Releases

This position requires:

Excellent written communication skills

The ability to work with other members of the Newsletter team and Chairperson of the PR Committee

The ability to meet deadlines

Time required is flexible but person must be able to meet deadlines and work without direct supervision. 
The TEC Connection is published twice a year and press releases are done at least 2 weeks before the start of a riding session and on an as needed basis. 


Horse Spa Day Coordinator

This position requires:

Excellent horse handling skills

Friendly outgoing attitude to work with other fellow volunteers

Duties include:

Organizing Horse Spa Days to be held several times a year

Overseeing the Spa Day

Coordinating with Barn Manager who is in charge of the horses

Time required is flexible but person must be able to meet deadlines and work without direct supervision.  The Spa Days are approximately 2-3 times a year with one in before the Spring Session, one in the Summer, and one in the Fall. Each one last 2-4 hours depending on the number of Volunteers available to help and the amount of work to be done. 

TEC Info/Public Relations Booth


This position requires:

The ability to meet deadlines and work without direct supervision.

Have a working knowledge of TEC, it's history, current programs and be able to answer the general public's questions about TEC. TEC will train.

Work with the other TEC members especially the PR Committee to see that the materials and display is up to date and is a good representation of TEC.

Duties include:

Getting the booth to the location for display or assigning someone.

Being a representative for TEC at the event the booth is located at, or assigning someone.

Making arrangements for the booth to be removed from the location.

Coordinating with other TEC members to have materials prepared (such as information for upcoming volunteer training sessions) and have more printed if necessary.

Make sure booth notebook is up to date with most current TEC information. For example: Testimonials, budget, job descriptions etc.

Update pictures for the display, signs, and power point.


Time required is somewhat flexible in terms of getting the booth ready.  

TEC will train. 

This could be a shared position. 

This is an important position as it is someone’s first impression of TEC. 

Post Flyers

Approximately 6 times a year, several volunteers needed to post flyers in their community. Such places as post offices, grocery stores, drug stores, farm stores, churches etc. Flyers are posted before the start of each riding session and before special events.

Help with Mailings

Help with mailing the TEC Connections (TEC's newsletter).
Fold, apply mailing label and stickers to seal the newsletter.
Approximate time several hours twice a year with the work done from your home.

TEC’s “Walmart Greeters”

This volunteer position requires:
A friendly outgoing personality to greet people that come to TEC.

Duties include:
Greeting visitors before each riding lesson. This can be done by multiple Volunteers.

Inform Volunteers, Rider’s and their families about upcoming events, volunteer opportunities and other TEC news.
Conduct and collect Rider and Volunteer surveys at the end of each session.
Work in conjunction with TEC Riding Instructors so all involved have a positive experience
Answer Rider and Volunteer questions.
Greet visitors to TEC for special events and fundraisers.

TEC will train, but must have reliable transportation

Equipment Coordinator

This volunteer position requires:
Knowledge of English and Western Tack.
Ability to work without direct supervision.
Work in conjunction with TEC staff, Instructors and Volunteers

The Riding Equipment Coordinator is responsible for:
Organizing and maintaining: tack, saddle pads, horse blankets, brushes, and items used for riding lessons.
Inventory items in tack rooms.
With TEC staff determine what items to keep or sell.
Research items TEC wishes to acquire for best price, quality etc.
Work with Volunteers to sell equipment TEC cannot use.

The hours are flexible and will vary, but are approximately 1 hour per week.