An instructor assistant will provide the instructor with necessary support and assistance during all aspects of the riding classes. This position is essential to ensuring successful and safe riding lessons by collaborating with the instructor to monitor volunteers, horses, and students.


• Support the mission, vision and core values of TEC.
• Pass required background check
• Complete a minimum of one lesson session as a volunteer
• Pass TEC Leader Competency evaluation
• Have valid CPR/First Aid certification
• Pass TEC Bridling Competency Evaluation


  • Supervise grooming and tacking of horses before, between and after classes
  • Make sure horses are accurately equipped for each rider with proper safety and special equipment (if so identified)
  • Provide assistance during mounting/dismounting
  • Assist instructor with equipment checks during lessons
  • Observe behavior of volunteers, riders and horses during lesson and report anomalies to instructor
  • Supervise volunteers
  • Assist in training volunteers
  • Assist in screening and training horses
  • Assist with preparations prior to riding lessons and with cleanup after lessons
  • Assist instructor in recording rider progress
  • Perform other duties that may be assigned